Brand new ish…

5 04 2010

So it has finally landed, Floating Points has dropped the double sided press of Peoples Potential and Shark Chase.

The once-upon-a-time SpaceBass crew member has come with a different sound to the previous fps releases and one that we particularly like. Peoples Potential goes acid and Shark Chase is a monster, driving house record, complete with its own dance the Shark Chase skank, put your fins up!!

Check it here:


And you can also hear it in the mix in liamski’s most recent SB podcast, here:


While I’m at it here’s some other stuff that is doing it for me right now:

Kyle Hall -Kaychunk

Addison Grove – Foot Crab

Tribe Records anthology – Message from the Tribe

Carl Craig/Tribe – Vibes from the Tribe

Actress – Machine and Voice

FCL – Vocals for Everyone

Shook Magazine 8

Go forth, seek out, and enjoy!


new mix! ben v (SHOOK mag)

4 08 2009

Fluxing between robotic and funk sounds this is a reflection of some records I’m enjoying right now. Inspired by SpaceBass, Eglo and burntprogress family, Andrew Morgan at PPU, plus those at Future Times & Confused House. And all the relevant divas.

Here’s the link: ben v – for SpaceBass

Wavelength – Life Turns
Connie – Funky Little Beat (inst. dub)
Will Powers – Adventures in Success (dub copy)
Rhythm Based Lovers – Snow Drift
C-Brand – Wired for Games
Guynamite ft. Dee – Take My Dreams
Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmers Groove
Steve Summers – Waves
Moonbase – Waiting For A Train (inst. dub)
Rhythm Based Lovers – Basic Rhythms
The Dazz Band – Let it all Blow
Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nonsense dub)*

*faded out when a lump of dust gathered on the needle.