Mix! A REINFORCED Sound Episode 1 – Tribute to ‘The R’

24 12 2009

Reinforced Records mean a lot to me, and it’s fair to say, their pioneering sound shaped my current love of music and helped educate me about music of the past.

I won’t provide a long, detailed bio on the label – there’s plenty out there on the web, like this one: http://www.discogs.com/label/Reinforced+Records

However, it’s clear that the diverse jungle / drum and bass sounds they put out on (seriously loud) vinyl spawned many many imitators, founded more than one ‘scene’ and inspired / developed artists such as Seiji, Domu and countless others. And when I say ‘scenes’, I’m referring to them being the grand-daddys of the drum and bass era, and also the catalyst for the nu-jazz / broken beat movement. It’s easy to overlook the influence Reinforced had on the music we love today, but just take a look at their discography and you’ll know how far they reached

I’ve been meaning to do these mixes for a while – well, I actually did a series of Reinforced compilations but they’re somewhere at home on D90 tapes! biggrin.gif
I’m not going to include every single track in this new series of mixes, but I will be going across the collection from 1993 thru to 2004

Enjoy and feedback welcome!


Internal Affairs – “In My Soul”
Spacelink Remixes – “Timezone”
Tek 9 – “Dem a Gwan Like Dem Know Badness”
Manix – “The X Factor (The Directors Cut)”
Steve Alexander – “The Crafty”
Rufige Kru – “Rollin Like Scottie”
Tek 9 – “You Got To Slow Down”
Arcon 2 – “Unorthodox Activity”
Manix + Rufige Kru – “You Held My Hand”
4Hero – “Students of the Future (Rufige Kru Rmx)”
Alpha Omega – “Nubian Mindz Pt.2”
Manix – “Turn Away Skull (Dub Plate, 10″ Press)”
Sonar Circle – “Free Spirit”
4Hero – “Golden Age (Peace 1000 4Hero Rmx)”


Big Chill Bar – TONIGHT 23rd December

23 12 2009

A DiscoBoogieFunk Sleighride – NEW MIX

23 12 2009

The All New SpaceBass Podcast!

 A DiscoBoogieFunk Sleighride

We felt the time was right to give you a regular dose of the music we love, and don’t just expect disco and house… we’re going to press all the buttons.

We’ve also got some cracking guest mixes lined up and music from the SB archive to drop now and again.  

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We’re kicking off the all new SpaceBass podcast with a Xmas-smelling disco, boogie and funk workout from liamski.

From the retro-funk vibrations of Dam Funk, through to Ronny Dyson’s classic “All Over Your Face”, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a turkey stuffing session.

Dam Funk – Mirrors.

Eddie C – My Woman.

Earth Wind and Fire – Kalimba Tree (Todd Terje Edit).

The Emotions – Love Vibe (Domu Re-edit).

TJ Swan – And You Know That (Dub).

Stephanie Mills – Put Your Body In It (RM Extended Edit).

Ronny Dyson – All Over Your Face (Original 12″ Version).

Opus Seven – Bussle.

Jesse Saunders – Funk You Up.

Dance Reaction – Disco Train.

Five Letters – Magnificent Mambo.

Modern Romance – Salsa Rhapsody.

Tangerue – Everynight, Everyday (Pat Les Stache Re-edit).

Phreek – I’m a Big Phreek

More to follow over Christmas…