MR BUMPMAN – re/edit bizniz

15 07 2009

Whenever you go listen to Theo Parrish dj, he plays this track only known as Mr Bumpman. It’s basically his own edit of a track by Jackie Beavers which came out in 1974 – and it’s unlikely he’ll ever release it.

So I had a go and messing about with the original (which is only about 3mins long. Used Ableton for the first time, only took me an hour and it’s rough – but I think it just about works. Lemme know what you think


mr bumpman




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23 07 2009
Jimmy the twin

tuff :[]

4 08 2009

Lemme know what you think?

Whilst as suggested this is NICE – please could you tell me how this differs from bootlegging? You’ve stole a fixed idea and replicated it. That is not to say that sampling or edits are bad, because everything has a creative license.

But in this case you have given the source of your attempt, being you heard something creatively designed by THEO and decided to recreate what you heard.

I repeat what you have done is TUFF (agreed) – but how would THEO feel about this??

4 08 2009

well othello… it was never intended to be a edit-for-edit recreation of what Theo did with the original… I was inspired by what he did, and had a go, with no desire for commercial gain.
What he – and to an extent, I – have done is take a relatively obscure track and give it a new lease of life. It’s not that much different, but different enough NOT to be a bootleg as you say.
A number of other DJs have re-interpreted it, Rahaan being one of them. I’m not sure I care what Theo thinks. As much as I respect him, he didnt make the original, and unless he got the written permission of Jackey Beavers to edit the track, he’s on ground as shaky as mine!

cheers for commenting

18 08 2009

Great edit mate, Ive been thinking about doing an edit of this too, but my copy of the original records sounds just too bad. Its a killer groove and you did a great job! Could you be so kind and re-post the link?

27 02 2010
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5 10 2010
Phil Cooper

Check the Rahaan edit forth coming on KAT of this… Its a 9min journey of joy…

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